Bring 1 Beyond Video Technology to Your Crestron Control System

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Explore the possibilities behind this advanced camera tracking system for your commercial facility or business.

Your Crestron control system is a centralized platform that combines the automation aspects of your Newark, NJ, business. From lighting and shades to HVAC and security, there’s little that Crestron can’t do. Because our clients love their commercial Crestron systems, we’re thrilled to introduce 1 Beyond Intelligent Video Technology. 

Possibly the ultimate video conferencing solution, 1 Beyond is the video experience you’ve been waiting for. Keep reading to learn why progressive video integrations are crucial for your office space and how 1 Beyond takes things to a new level!

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Advanced Video for Your Meeting Space

Adding high-quality video solutions to your conference rooms is crucial for several reasons and can offer your staff the following.

Improved Collaboration

Collaborating with remote teams and clients becomes more manageable when your video conferencing system is well-developed. Your business will inevitably reduce travel costs and enable efficient communication. Everyone will leave the meeting on the same page.

Enhanced Productivity

Commercial video integrations help improve productivity by allowing employees easy and instant access to video content, training materials, and tutorials. Not only can your employees learn new skills quickly this way, but they’ll boost their job performance in the process!

Data Visualization

Modern video integrations allow better data visualization, enabling you and your team to embrace and understand complex data and insights. In the end, you’ll have better decision-making and effective communication office-wide.  

How 1 Beyond Can Help

1 Beyond is intelligent video technology essential to commercial video conferencing and Crestron systems everywhere! This tech-forward system delivers phenomenal video experiences to everyone in attendance, whether in the conference room or joining remotely. 

1 Beyond will be available through Alliance Telecommunications, as we’re a certified Crestron dealer. The following technologies can significantly affect how this camera tracking system performs.

Multiple Speaker Tracking

The 1 Beyond technology enables a camera or microphone to detect and follow the location of a speaker. It’s essential when multiple speakers are present, as it improves the quality of video and audio recordings by ensuring the speaker is always in focus and coming across clearly. Remote participants will know who is speaking at all times via presenter tracking, helping them feel more involved with the team. This is great for training rooms and when people are speaking during training sessions. 

Group Framing

With intelligent algorithms and camera sensors, group framing with video conference technology adjusts the field of view based on the number and position of meeting participants. This technology can automatically adjust the camera view and zoom level to ensure all participants in your conference room are visible and with the camera’s focus. 

Get Crestron Solutions with Alliance Telecommunications

Is your commercial space benefiting from everything a Crestron control system provides? Alliance Telecommunications can get you started with Crestron implementation today, supplying everything you need to know regarding operation and the brand-new 1 Beyond technology. 

Contact us today to begin your Crestron journey! 

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