Why a Structured Cabling Installation Is a Must for Your Company

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Upgrade Your Commercial Network & Create a Secure, Reliable Workspace

A strong and robust commercial network is a must for any place of business, and when yours isn’t up to par, you and your employees will soon notice. When you’re dealing with frozen screens, garbled dialogue, and slow internet access, it can delay production and cause a whole assortment of frustrations across the workday.

A strengthened network upgrade is key, and with a structured cabling installation, you can ensure that your New York, NY, company stays running smoothly day in and day out. Ready to learn more about how you can alleviate the everyday stresses that an unreliable network brings you? Keep reading.

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Why Bring Structured Cabling to Your Business?

Think of your commercial network and its structured cabling as the foundation of your business. You need all your devices connected and communicating with one another effortlessly so that every workday runs without a hitch.

A structured cabling installation can support a variety of applications and devices on one single, robust network. While separate cabling used to be required for audio and video, a professional structured cabling system can now provide your company with a centralized and unified network. This setup not only lowers the installation costs but can also make the entire system easier for you to access and manage.

While this type of system might sound daunting or like it’s too extensive for your business, one of the benefits of structured cabling is its scalability. Our team at Alliance Telecommunications can design a customized system that accommodates your business’ size and growth, letting you add on new devices without another significant installation or upgrade required. Soon you’ll have consistent network connectivity for your whole office and organization!

Additional Wireless Access Points

While most modern spaces have adapted to a wireless environment, there are benefits to blending wired and wireless solutions. Having the two work together to deliver a reliable and consistent network performance can create a productive and dependable workspace for everyone.

You can extend your network coverage with wireless access points that lower your overall cabling and infrastructure costs while providing your entire building with seamless network performance. Wired and wireless systems reinforce each other; the structured cabling ensures the wireless network is as powerful as possible, and the wireless network covers the areas that structured cabling might not be able to reach.

Want to learn more about structured cabling and what it can do for your company today? Give our team at Alliance Telecommunications a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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