Alliance Case Studies

Alliance Case Studies


Pharmaceutical Infrastructure and AV Installation

Company profile

The client is a medium sized Pharmaceutical Company with operations in the US and abroad.

Business situation

The client contacted Alliance to provide them with a turn-key solution for their voice, data wiring and AV installation. The client wanted an integrated solution that combined design, installation, programming and maintenance for their new US corporate headquarters in New Jersey. Alliance needed to provide schematics for both wiring installation and audio visual systems implementation for their board room and various conference rooms along with private offices and work station locations.

Technical situation

There were many difficulties that the client faced with the design and layout of this project especially with their corporate board room. One of the most daunting technical issues that arose was how to effectively create a board room that would enable the client to hold executive board meetings in a sound proof environment utilizing the most up to date video conferencing equipment. Furthermore, the client wanted to integrate their video conferencing ability in the board room with their training facility that was located on the same site.

Another issue that the client wanted to overcome was the design and implementation of their training facility. The client wanted to utilize the floor space for the training room in the most efficient manner, but not limit the room to only one training session at a time.


Alliance was able to design and implement a Crestron based control system featuring a Polycom group series video conferencing system for both the executive board room and training facility. Alliance assisted the client in selecting a sound masking system that enabled executives the privacy they required without the worry of others hearing sensitive corporate information.

Furthermore, Alliance was able to assist the client with creating a split room environment for the training facility. This allowed the client to hold two different training sessions utilizing a fully automated folding partition wall. When the room was separated into two separate class rooms the rooms could comfortable seat approximately 20 people. When the room was set up for one large training session or corporate broadcast (webcast), Alliance was able to integrate the monitors and ceiling microphones of both rooms into one singular combined system.

Alliance also installed monitors at the rear of the class room so that people seated in the back of the room would not have to struggle to see or hear the presenter standing at the front of the room during large corporate meetings. Finally the training facility was designed to be interactive with ceiling microphones and speakers so that people could ask questions anywhere in the room without the need of a micro phone or podium and the presenter, either at the front of the room or via the video conferencing system could hear.

The client was very pleased with the outcome of the initial project and Alliance is currently assisting them design and implement another training facility and expansion office space at their current facility.


The client was able to benefit by using Alliance Telecommunications as, we were able to provide a host of different platforms through a single point of contact. This enable to client to discover efficiencies within their own IT department that would not have been apparent with multiple different vendors.

Products and services company used

— Sharp Commercial Monitors
— Berk Tek Communications Cable
— Ortronics Communications Hardware
— Chatsworth Network Racks and Ladder Racking
— Crestron Audio Visual Equipment
— Bogen Overhead Paging System
— Sound Masking
— Aruba Wireless Solution
— Sony Overhead 1080 Projector


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