Alliance Case Studies

Alliance Case Studies


98 Inch Display Monitor into the Empire State Building

Business situation

Recently, the team at Alliance were challenged with a task that others simply said that it couldn’t be done. The engineering minds at our Parsippany, New Jersey office got together to work at the challenge. How do you get a large scale, 98 inch display monitor to one of the upper floors of New York City’s famous, Empire State Building in one working piece? The display had to fit into an aged freight elevator, which was barely large enough to fit the display. It was not possible to leave the display in its shipping crate, and so, the challenge was not only to fit the display in the cramped elevator but to build in ample protection so that it arrives in the exact condition as when it was installed in its shipping crate at the factory.

The first plan of attack was to build a custom A-Frame rolling device. The engineers at Alliance took the liberty of utilizing the latest computer assisted 3D software (AutoCAD/Revit) in order to build the A-Frame device to size so that it not only hugged and provided protection to the display, but also to provide the clearance necessary to maneuver the display around the tight maze of the corridors. The trip from the elevator to the actual room was rehearsed at the office in 3D before it was attempted. That rehearsal paid off as it went as smooth as silk when carried out.

The Alliance drive to get things done did not end there. Alliance was challenged once again! This time the challenge was to figure out a way to fit audio speakers in a ceiling considered to be not possible due to its delicate and floating method of design. Our engineers, once again, converged to figure out how to build custom mounts to fit the challenge. The ceiling was evaluated. The materials of the ceiling tile were researched to assure that any kind of vibration being introduced by the speaker would not damage the tile or its mounting method in any way. Alliance engineers were able to design and build a floating speaker mount that would isolate the speaker from the actual tile. This method was beneficial in two ways in that it isolated the speaker from the tile but also physically de-coupled the actual transducer preventing transmission of low frequencies to other devices near the speakers, such as lights, sprinklers, sensors, etc!

Another challenge that was tackled and successfully carried out by the Alliance AV team!


— 98″ Planar 4K LCD.
— Barco Click Share system with 4 wireless presentation dongles
— Cisco HD video conferencing codec with a Precision 60 HD PTZ camera mounted below the video display.
— Wireless presentation system.
— Digital matrix switcher frame capable of displaying up to a 4K resolution.
— Ceiling mounted microphone arrays for audio and video conferencing with premium ceiling speakers
— Audio DSP matrix with VOIP for all audio processing and high level audio amplifier.
— Wireless touch panels to control all functions of the audio visual system up to and including lighting and shade control.
— The heart of the Control System is a Series 3 Crestron control processor.


Pharmaceutical Infrastructure and AV Installation

Central New Jersey Sports Complex

$10 million renovations for nutritional products manufacturing facility

Food & Beverage company renovates their Technology Center


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