Alliance Case Studies

Alliance Case Studies


$10 million renovations for nutritional products manufacturing facility

Company profile

A multi-national, nutritional products company in Northern NJ announcing a major renovation and improvements program to their manufacturing facility.

Business situation

The company planned to spend $10 million expanding operations and more than $50 million in quality improvements and new production facilities. A major part of this project was the relocation and reconfiguring of the companies Structured Cabling and Fiber Optics systems.

The original cabling infrastructure was designed in a daisy chain loop method. This worked well until the facilities decided to close one of the 28 building on the giant campus. The building being decommissioned, was unfortunately in the center of the cable chain. This meant that any building beyond that one would not be able to transmit or receive data because the “link” had been open and as a result, signal throughput was no longer possible.


The data network engineers at Alliance had a brainstorm meeting in which they were able to figure out how to not only restore the service lost prior to the decommissioning the central building, they were able to design a fiber cable infrastructure that covered the right amount of redundancy necessary to avoid these issues in the future. It was decided to star-connect each building so that each one could receive and send data to and from a master building but each building was capable of “talking” to each one respectively.

Another way the Alliance team stepped up to the plate and provided unlimited communication to an entire campus for many years to come.

At the conclusion of the project, Alliance ended up installing Single Mode Fiber Optics and a Cat-6 Tele data wiring solution throughout the 28 buildings on campus. Six miles of Fiber Optics and 10,800 wire runs were installed and tested.

The Results

The company now has a modern reliable Fiber Optic and Cat-6 Cabling solution backed by Alliance. Increased bandwidth, speed and reliability will allow the company to focus on their mission of producing nutritional products.


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