Industry Terms & Definitions

Industry Terms & Definitions

DS3 Extensions Services In NELLISTON NY

Category: TeleCom Data

Refers to adding on to a T3 cable line that is already present. There are specific codes and regulations within the cable industry as to how much extension is permitted with the infrastructure in place.

Alliance Telecommunications offers DS3 Extensions services in NELLISTON, NY in the county of MONTGOMERY (zip code: 13410)

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Alliance Telecommunications provides audiovisual, data network infrastructure, security solutions, and staffing/managed services to thousands of locations throughout the United States.


Alliance provides its partners with services for single, self-contained audiovisual multimedia rooms, engaging digital signage, interactive e-Learning classrooms, and global network integrations.


Alliance works with both basic and complex schematics. Our technical teams will collaborate with your team to assess and evaluate the requirements to come up with the best solution for you.


When you choose Alliance as your network integrator, we will provide you with 24/7 support and hassle-free solutions for every aspect of your cabling systems and ancillary requirements.


Alliance has many different case studies to share. Take a look at a few of the projects we have accomplished, and see how we have helped others with their specific needs.