Temperature-Check Tablets

Produced by Aurora Multimedia Corp.

The TAURI series temperature sensor technology uses infrared scanning to map a person’s heat image and determine if they have a temperature. The sensor works effectively from up to 3.3 feet away and takes only one second to deliver results within a +/- 0.5°F range of accuracy.

Why a Temperature Sensor?

Today, we all must take new measures to protect ourselves when we’re at work or out in public, to stop the spread of the devastating coronavirus. In New York City, NY, where the virus has hit especially hard, businesses must implement new procedures to keep employees, visitors, patients and customers safe. Temperature screening can help maintain a healthy, infection-free environment in your business locations.

TAURI temperature-check tablets offer:

  • The first line of defense for detecting potentially infectious persons before they enter your business location
  • An audible alarm that alerts you when someone is running a high temperature
  • A hygienic, contact-free temperature screening solution to ensure a safer environment

Temperature sensor technology can be used in offices, schools, restaurants, retail stores, salons, airports, medical clinics, fitness centers and elsewhere to protect both employees and customers.

TAURI Series Temperature-Check Tablets

Available in 3 sizes:


10-inch panel


15-inch panel


21-inch panel

Options & Features

Mounting Options

TAURI temperature-check tablets come with several mounting options so you can choose the best fit for the layout of your space. Desk mounts are a great option for reception desk placement in an office, while wall mounts keep high-traffic areas like a restaurant entrance clutter-free. You can also operate the tablet as a handheld device.

Other Features

The temperature-check tablets work with Wi-Fi and ethernet connections, and each tablet is equipped with HDMI output so you can view screening results from a safe distance. Additionally, you can customize your tablet settings to reflect the acceptable range of temperatures for your specific location and needs.

Coming soon, Aurora Multimedia Corp. will be providing upgraded firmware with advanced features, including:

  • Photo and thermal result email alerts
  • Facial detection
  • Customized flagging
  • The ReAX control system for automation and integration with third-party devices and access systems
  • Digital signage  

Support when you need it

All TAURI temperature-check tablets from Aurora Multimedia Corp. come with a 2-year warranty. Aurora will also provide select firmware upgrades with advanced features as they become available.

For more information on purchasing and installing a TAURI temperature-check tablet in your New York City, NY, office or business location, contact Alliance Telecommunications today by filling out the form below. For more information, you can give us a call, use the form below, or chat with a representative using the chat box in the bottom right of your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How accurate is the infrared sensor?
A: +/- 0.3 degree Celsius.

Q: What is the scan distance?
A: 0.5 to 1 meter.

Q: What is the temperature detection speed?
A: 1 second.

Q: How many people can it detect at one time?
A: 1 person can be scanned at a time.

Q: Is there an option to store the data of people checked? If yes, how far back?
A: Currently no. This will be a future option.

Q: Is the unit able to detect people of dierent heights (e.g. children, adults 3' to 6.5')?
A: There's a visible sensor and a camera that will show your face on the LCD screen. Within the effective scanning range, the sensor should pick up the face, though in extreme cases the tablet might need to be adjusted.

Q: Are there any data/tests available regarding the accuracy of this unit?
A: The accuracy is at 0.3 degree Celsius which is provided by our component manufacturer located in Germany. For the past few months this module has been implemented with projects for access control.

Q: Can the sensor be affixed to a door, away from the tablet that collects data?
A: The sensor must be connected to the tablet at this time.

Q: How does the alert message work? Are there display and sound alerts?
A: On the display screen, it will show the person's face and current temperature. If it senses a temperature higher than what has been set as normal, the tablet will show red and emit an alert sound.

Q: Will the system detect objects and/or animals?
A: The system is designed to only detect people.

Q: Does the temperature sensor need to be calibrated?
A: No, the sensor is initially calibrated at the factory and will auto-calibrate once deployed.

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