The Dangers of Not Investing in Network Cabling Services

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A bad cabling design and installation can cause disastrous consequences for your Jersey City business  

In a digital-first world, your business operations are dependent on robust network infrastructure for communications, remote collaboration, data transfer and storage, business transactions, and more.  

At Alliance, we’ve seen our fair share of poorly executed cabling installations that cause poor network speed and performance. If your Jersey City, NJ, business is continually experiencing network issues, a lousy cabling job could be the culprit.  

Keep reading to learn common issues that crop up when a cabling job goes wrong and why your business should invest in quality network cabling services from Alliance Telecommunications.  

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4 Consequences of Bad Network Cabling  

1. Downtime and weak network performance. Cabling is the backbone of your data networkA poorly designed and executed installation can cause incompatibility issues, slow internet speed, Wi-Fi dead zones, slow connections, increased latency, and downtime. In turn, those issues lead to lost productivity, less workforce efficiency, and more time wasted dealing with IT challenges.   

2. Troubleshooting nightmares. A disorganized cabling closet with tangled cables, inaccurate labeling, and poor record-keeping is an IT tech’s nightmare. If a network problem does arise, your IT team will waste precious time tracking down the problem and solving it. A neatly structured and properly labeled cabling closet will save you time and resources when it comes to troubleshooting.   

3. Decreased lifespan. When a space is disorganized, cables easily become crushed, compressed, tangled, and clumped together in a server rack. Cable damage drastically shortens the lifespan of the cables and the equipment they’re attached to. Additionally, a poorly organized server room runs the risk of overheating and causing heat damage, another issue that cuts the lifespan of cables and equipment.   

4. Safety hazards. A messy, disorganized cabling cabinet is more than a liability to your productivity….it’s a liability to your safety. Improper cabling can cause tripping hazards, electrical hazards, and fire hazards.   

Contact a Cabling Contractor You Can Trust 

If your business needs expert network cabling services, call Alliance Telecommunications for the job. Our team will design and install a structured cabling system using the latest cabling with robust bandwidth standards.    

Alliance also offers managed services for support and maintenance. Our team can monitor your network’s status, perform remote troubleshooting, and perform proactive monitoring and maintenance. If you run across a serious issue, we’ll get a technician on-site as soon as possible.   

Call us today or fill out a contact form to schedule a free premise wiring survey.  

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